Our main areas of activity

Waste water

SEE offers treatment solutions for all types of wastewater:

  • Domestic wastewater
    (Local authorities, hotels, individual homes, apartment buildings, offices)

  • Industrial wastewater and effluent

  • Stormwater

We handle all stages of the works:

  • Collection
  • Treatment systems
  • Release into the environment
  • Re-use of water for irrigation, cleaning, toilets...

Each treatment station we construct is unique as it is tailor-made to meet a specific project's distinctive features:

  • The kind of water to be treated
  • The degree of purification required
  • The space available on the site
  • In-house resources for the future management of the installations

Water purification

SEE assists both private and public sector entities in the design and installation of water purification plants to international standards.

We have appropriate solutions for all kinds of untreated water:

  • Surface water (rivers, dams, rainwater cisterns...)
  • Seawater (desalinisation)
  • Underground water (boreholes)

Water supply/pumping

We offer pumping and pressure-control systems for the distribution of drinking water and the evacuation of wastewater, taking responsibility for the design, sizing, supply and installation of water pumps.

If you have a project in mind,

We can supply you with tailor-made solutions.

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